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13 Dec 2017New Orleans, LouisianaAGU (American Geophysicial Union)Shocking Path of Least Resistance Shines Light on Subsurface by Revealing the Paths of Water and the Presence of Faults: Stacked EM Case Studies over Barite Hills Superfund Site in South Carolina
3 EM Case Studies over a superfund Site / Former Gold Mine, South Carolina, USA
Kathleen S. Haggar, H. Roice Nelson, Jr., and Louis J. Berent
28 Jun 2017Cedar City, UTThe Leavitt GroupLightning Risk Points
H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
This was a test of our new Risk Point Product, which in 2018 became Patent Pending, and which we have permission from Vaisala to market except to: Meteorology; Defense; Transportation; Maritime; Renewable Energy; Traditional Energy; Insurance Industry; & Incident Fire Weather.
05 Apr 2017Houston, TXAAPG Annual ConventionAn Unconventional Tool for Unconventional Exploration
AAPG Poster Paper #2614153
Louis J. Berent & H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
04 Apr 2017Houston, TXAAPG Annual ConventionCalibrating Apparent Resistivity Traces, Lines, and Volumes Derived from Lightning Strike Data in S. TX
AAPG Poster Paper #261411
Kathleen S. Haggar, H. Roice Nelson, Jr., Louis J. Berent, & Les R. Denham
03 Apr 2017Houston, TXAAPG Annual Convention170403_AAPG_Poster_Harnessing_Lightning_2614175.pdf
AAPG Poster Paper #2614175
Louis J. Berent & H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
03 Mar 2017Salt Lake City, UTUniversity of Utah Geoscience Department TalkLightning Analysis: creating geo-frameworks
H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
presentation to faculty and students
02 Mar 2017Cedar City, UTSouthern Utah Rock CLubLightning Analysis: creating geo-frameworks
H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
05 Jan 2017Cedar City, UtahRadio Interview, Empire Broadcasting, New York170105_Empire-Broadcasting_H-Roice-Nelson-Jr_Michael.mp3
Roice Nelson Interview on Empire Broadcasting Radio Network, New York

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