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Hierarchy Node Tree of Top Level Oil Industry Activities
Hierarchy Node Tree of Oil Industry Activities
Alphabetically Sorted Node Tree of Top Level Oil Industry Activities
Node Tree of Top Level Oil Industry Activities
Top Level Oil Industry Activity
Manage Oil Industry Activity
Top Activitiesx.2 Activitiesx.x.3 Activitiesx.x.x.4 Activitiesx.x.x.x.5 ActivitiesActivity Descriptive Name
A1.0----Manage Assets
-A1.1---Provide Controls
--A1.1.1--Establish Vision and Mission
--A1.1.2--Set Strategy
--A1.1.3--Set Budget
--A1.1.4--Manage Organization's Culture
--A1.1.5--Manage Regulations
--A1.1.6--Analyze Performance
-A1.2---Manage Financial Resources
--A1.2.1--Manage Outside Financing
--A1.2.2--Manage Funds
--A1.2.3--Manage Investor Relations
-A1.3---Provide Environment
--A1.3.1--Manage Human Resources
--A1.3.2--Acquire and Manage Technology
--A1.3.3--Establish Corporate Structure
--A1.3.4--Manage Information
---A1341-Manage Information Management Model
---A1342-Determine Information Management Plan
----A13421Map Customer Requests into Requirements
----A13422Generate Information Management Options
----A13423Evaluate Information Management Options
----A13424Optimize Information Management Plan
----A13425Modify Customer Requirements
---A1343-Implement Information Management Plan
--A1.3.5--Manage Physical Assets
-A1.4---Manage Relationships
--A1.4.1--Identify Relationships
--A1.4.2--Initiate Relationships
--A1.4.3--Maintain Relationships
-A1.5---Provide Leadership
--A1.5.1--Identify Need for Leadership
--A1.5.2--Provide Direction
--A1.5.3--Improve Alignment
--A1.5.4--Motivate Staff
A2.0----Acquire Assets
-A2.1---Acquire Domestic Assets
--A3.2.1--Identify Domestic Acquisition Opportunity
--A3.2.2--Quantify Domestic Acquisition
--A3.2.3--Economics of Domestic Acquisition
--A3.2.4--Select Domestic Acquisition
--A3.2.5--Procure Asset
-A2.2---Acquire International Assets
--A2.2.1--Identify International Acquisition Opportunity
--A2.2.2--Quantify International Acquisition
--A2.2.3--Economics of International Acquisition
--A2.2.4--Select International Acquisition
--A2.2.5--Procure Asset
A3.0----Enhance Assets
--A3.1.1--Manage Data
---A3.1.1.1-Acquire Data
---A3.1.1.2-Manage Legacy Data
---A3.1.1.3-Manage Regional Data
---A3.1.1.4-Manage Play Fairway Data
---A3.1.1.5-Manage Prospect Data
--A3.1.2--Assess Strategic Fit
---A3.1.2.1-Interpret Regional Data
---A3.1.2.2-Evaluate Regional Economics
---A3.1.2.3-Package and Sell Concept as a Regional Study
--A3.1.3--Determine Political & Engineering Uncertainty
---A3.1.3.1-Determine Risk of the Play Fairway Geologic Model
---A3.1.3.2-Evaluate Play Fairway Economics
---A3.1.3.3-Package and Sell Leads as Play Fairway Study
--A3.1.4--Develop Risked Prospect Model
---A3.1.4.1-Calculate Prospect Area, Thickness, Porosity, Water Saturation, and Drive Mechanism
---A3.1.4.2-Calculate Prospect Volumes, Formation Volume Factor, Recovery Efficiency, and whether G as or Oil
---A3.1.4.3-Define Migration Pathway
--A3.1.5--Define Prospect Economic Indicators
---A3.1.5.1-Estimate Production Forecast
---A3.1.5.2-Estimate Operating and Capital Expense
---A3.1.5.3-Calculate Economic Measures and Probability of Creating Value
---A3.1.5.4-Package and Sell Prospect
--A3.2.1--Build Working Data Set
--A3.2.2--Develop Reservoir
---A3.2.2.1-Build Conceptual Reservoir Model
---A3.2.2.2-Determine Optimal Development Plan
----A32221Determine Customer Requirements
----A32222Identify Development Options
----A32223Determine Constraints
----A32224Evaluate Development Options
----A32225Calculate Economics
----A32226Select Option Maximizing Performance Indicators
---A3.2.2.3-Implement Optimal Development Plan
--A3.2.3--Acquire Dynamic Data
---A3231-Determine Data Type Necessary for Request
---A3232-Determine How to Acquire
---A3233-Procure the Data
--A3.3.1--Identify Exploitable Opportunities
---A3.3.1.1-Identify Additional Primary Recovery Options
---A3.3.1.2-Identify Secondary Recovery Options
---A3.3.1.3-Identify Tertiary Recovery Options
--A3.3.2--Evaluate Exploitable Opportunities
---A3.3.2.1-Identify Scope of Opportunities
---A3.3.2.2-Identify Appropriate Performance Indicators
---A3.3.2.3-Evaluate Economics
---A3.3.2.4-Evaluate Non-Economic Related Performance Indicators
--A3.3.3--Determine Viability Against Performance Indicators
---A3.3.2.1-Determine Acceptability of Opportunity
---A3.3.2.2-Evaluate the Need for Gatheriung More Data
---A3.3.2.3-Analyze Non-Viable Options for Possible Incremental Improvements
--A3.4.1--Build Working Data Set
--A3.4.2--Produce Reservoir
--A3.4.3--Acquire Dynamic Data
--A3.5.1--Re-Evaluate By-Pass and Deeper Pays
--A3.5.2--Re-Evaluate Economics
--A3.5.3--Abandon Field
A4.0----Transport and Refine Hydrocarbons
-A4.1---Build West-East Pipeline
-A4.2---Enhance Facilities
-A4.3---Refine Products
-A4.4---Monitor Environmental Impact
A5.0----Market and Sell Hydrocarbons
-A5.1---Market Hydrocarbons
-A5.2---Sell Heavy Oil
-A5.3---Sell Light Oil
-A5.4---Sell Natural Gas

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